What are the reasons that League of Legends is so popular?

Why League of Legends is popular

LoL is a fast paced, competitive online game that combines the speed as well as intensity of an real-time strategy with role-playing game elements. Two teams of each with a distinctive layout, strong winners and playstyle, conflict head to head across game modes and multiple battlegrounds. With an ever-expanding roster of regular upgrades winners as well as a profitable tournament arena, LoL give endless replayability for players of every ability level.

Like every other success story, it is lots of chance as well as great time.

At the time League of Legends started, DotA was a huge untapped marketplace. The official download page was getting millions of hits per week; guarana was packaged with players all over the planet, China and portions of SOE were treating almost the same manner South Korea did with Brood War to it.

But as I mentioned, it was untapped. Because DotA was a map that is free. Because everyone in the arena was using pirated duplicates of Warcraft 3 totally free in many areas. It was legitimately among the largest (probably the largest) gaming communities, when it comes to international play, about. And it was not being monetized by anybody. Icefrog was content to release new variants of the map free of charge, there were tournaments and official newsgroups, and that was that.

Subsequently, Riot appeared. Led by leading members of the DotA community (and there is lots of behind the scenes sh... going on that I do not recommend to go into there), they were the first to address the specific situation directly. Icefrog did not need to make money, but they did.

League of choices and Legend's first layout was tailored for a lot of the better ones, and the enormous foundation of more casual DotA players. What difficulties did DotA have? It was just a free map and was limited to Warcraft 3, so there clearly was no official matchmaking. Everyone had to run their very own bots in an garena which is a gray area to start with. What this means is there is the engine restricted no extensive stat tracking, no real protection and punishment for leavers and trolls, no wholly new artwork assets, and everything.

LoL is worth playing

Why League of Legends is a good game?

No leavers, no hackers, no despair, no lopsided matches. They addressed 4 of the things, and 4 of the largest criticisms that DotA players had that DotA could not expect to address.


Because League was its own game, they commanded the matchmaking, all that things, stat tracking. They are able to play with a DotA- get and clone quick matches without going through all of the hassle of garena, or expecting for a bot? I can be certain that leavers will soon be penalized? That is all they needed.

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